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  1. I am pleased to find this resource for Chris Thomas work as a relative newcomer to his amazing story. Thank you for investing your time to gather this all in one easy-to-access infobank! I will be deavling into as much of Mr. Thomas’ discussions, interviews and writings as I have time for in the coming weeks and expect to be paying your site regular visits.


  2. I just found your work! Wow! Am really impressed with the perception and knowing you have. As I’ve had contacted and govt interference..it really hit home when you discussed the different types of implants! I’ve had several seers tell me I have loads of them but never met anyone I trusted enough to help me with them. I do hope this letter gets to you Chris. Am hoping you are still helping people get rid of these things. If so..how would I go about it? Fingers crossed I hear back!
    Much warmth
    Susan Redman


    1. Hello, Susan. I am the owner of this site but, I am not Chris Thomas. He does not have a site. I have gathered up much of his work. Sadly, his books are nearly impossible to find these days as his material is being suppressed. I also have no contact with the author as we have never met or spoken. I am a friend of a friend, though. My friends and I are discussing how to get his information out. He does have four videos, listed on this site, several interviews and many essays. I will be in the process of making sure they are all posted here.

      Kindest Regards


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