2 thoughts on “The New Humans

  1. I wonder what happened to Chris Thomas. I bought and read most of his books and I found them very interesting.
    I had/have tons of questions for him but I was never able to get in touch with Chris.


    1. Hello, Michael. Sorry for my delay in responding.

      Chris is still around. He keeps a very low profile these days…not much public contact, anymore. Just close friends… There are those that would celebrate his demise.

      If you have any questions, I can help. And, if I can’t, my friends can. My email is : thehinoeuma@aol.com
      Also, there are a couple of forums with lots of info (I mean LOTS):


      Both of the OPs of these threads are my friends.

      Again, many apologies for the delay. I have been away from my blog for far too long.


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