Black Friday Brawls~Humanity At Its Worst

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Really? Possessing THINGS is important enough to lead to abusive behavior? Has anyone noticed that this is getting worse every year?

News roll…

From My Fox DC: Black Friday Wal-Mart Scuffle
From The Chicago Tribune/WGN: Cop Dragged & Shoplifter Shot At Kohl’s
From The San Bernardino Sun: Wal-Mart Brawl Sends Officer To The Hospital
From NBC Philadelphia: Stun Gun Fight Inside Philadelphia Mall
From CBS DC: Two Men Arrested For Wal-Mart Parking Space Stabbing
From News 8 Now Las Vegas: Las Vegas Holiday Shopper Shot Over A TV
From CBS Las Vegas: Shoppers Knocked Down At Utah Wal-Mart
From Fox News: Salvation Army Kettle Swiped In Winston-Salem
From Click Orlando: Christmas Trees Stolen In Pensacola

Honolulu ant hill:


Macon, Georgia, couldn’t even wait until Friday:


This guy was kicked out of a Wal-Mart for filming:


Retards on camera. Infowars calls this a “Zombie Plague”. How apropos:


The noise is deafening. SMDH:


Mark Dice pulls no punches. Calls shoppers “parasites”. Hmmm…:


And, after all that…
Black Friday Savings Are A Hoax

Folks, pay attention to this. Pay very close attention. If and when our federal government collapses, these brawls will seem minor in comparison to what’s coming.

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