Stephen Barrett & Quackwatch

This is a repost from an old blog. I think it’s worth sharing because I find this man to be dangerous. He’s a liar and a bully, and I’m shining the light on him. Cockroaches don’t like the light.

Update: I originally posted this on February 27, 2010. Some of the links became broken and I’ve had to re-gather some information as Mr. Barrett has done his best to wipe out his history. If links become broken again, I have provided PDF screen captures of the data.

This guy, Stephen Barrett…he’d have you believe that he is the foremost expert in all things ‘quackery’. To him, anything other than mainstream-AMA-backed medicine is useless.

Stephen Barrett
Photo Credit: Yoganomics

Although he is free to present his opinion, much like the rest of us out here blogging (me, included), do not be fooled by the ‘M.D.’ at the end of his name. I think he even wrote his own biography on Wikipedia. However, that being expressed, he has gotten himself into quite a bit of trouble in the courts for repeatedly suing people and claiming he was a ‘retired psychiatrist’. Carlos F. Negrete of Negrete Law and Health Freedom Law, attorney for Tedd Koren, D.C., got the awful truth out of Mr. Barrett…

From Dr. Koren’s case:

At trial, under a heated cross-examination by Negrete, Barrett conceded that he was not a Medical Board Certified psychiatrist because he had failed the certification exam. This was a major revelation since Barrett had provided supposed “expert testimony” as a psychiatrist and had testified in numerous court cases as such.

That cross-examination (PDF Screen Capture) took place in 2005 in Allentown, PA…Mr. Barrett’s longtime residence (he was born in New York City in 1933). In 2007, a higher court in Pennsylvania backed up the lower court’s decision to dismiss his frivolous lawsuit (PDF Screen Capture). It was at that point he decided to relocate to Chapel Hill, NC. Perhaps Allentown folks got tired of his crap? I find it amusing that he decided to move to an area that is a hotbed of the very alternative medicine he rails against. The Triangle of North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) contains a plethora of natural, homeopathic and holistic practitioners. I’m pretty sure he didn’t move to the area to get warm fuzzies from the locals. I think he saw an opportunity to make money harassing and ambulance-chasing gifted healers. He does have legal bills he needs cover.

A Patrick Pontillo operates a website (PDF Screen Capture) on chemical sensitivities (a subject that I know something about). He has an extensive history on Mr. Barrett.

Tim Bolen has his own history (PDF Screen Capture).

Additional information:
King Bio Case
Doctor’s Data Laboratory vs. Stephen Barrett
How The Attack On Alternative Medicine Started

Be very careful when you read this man’s so-called “facts”. He is no expert. He merely has an opinion and he has tried to beat people over the head with it. Believing that this man is a seasoned doctor with many, many practicing years of experience would be as ridiculous as believing that I am an experienced journalist. I am not and would never claim to be.

Editor’s Note: If you have browser plugins or search bar plugins such as WOT, Norton, Trust My Web, Webutation or an Antivirus plugin for browser security such as Avast!, you might think that some of my links listed above are bad sites. They are NOT. Some of these websites have been slammed by folks that have been duped by Mr. Barrett or by folks that think allopathic medicine is all there is. Either way, pay no attention. I have thoroughly vetted these sites and they are legitimate.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Barrett & Quackwatch

  1. Patrick Pontillo happens to be one of the biggest lying frauds on the internet. Try doing a criminal back gound check on him.


  2. Apologies for my delay in responding…

    This article is about Stephen Barrett and HIS lies. I have cited more than one source. Mr. Pontillo is only one.

    If you would like to provide some information to corroborate your claim, I will be happy to read.

    Thanks for your comment.


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